The traditional flavour on your plate

Córdoba, as a good example of Andalusian and Mediterranean gastronomy, has numerous nutritious products of high quality and, very well priced, which can turn into another reason for not leaving the historical city once you have tasted it.

If we had to choose an adjective to define traditional Córdoba food we should use, without doubt, the word diversity. And it is the strategic situation of this province that allows it to obtain all types of products.

Eat well, eat healthy

For many knowledged critics, Córdoba is the capital of andalucian gastronomy by excellence. Nowadays, you can still notice the Muslim influence in the rich flavours and smells of its dishes.

As a star element in this province’s dishes we find the olive oil. Olives CordobaIts crop extends through a large part of the territory, and its use is unlimited, be it in salads, salmorejos, fries or in general, in all the specialities of its kitchen. Two of the highest quality oils have denomination of origin are Baena y Priego de Códoba and Montoro-Adamuz, that with their aroma and fruity flavour contribute to bring out the flavours of other foods.

But apart from the oil the traditional Córdoba kitchen is based on products from the countryside. From the farms, the ones that stand out are early broad beans, artichokes, tomatoes, etc. And it is very common in the hot seasons to find cold vegetable soups, like the gazpacho or the salmorejo.

Like good andaluces, they know how to combine perfectly, the great variety of products form the countryside with meats and fish. This is because from the mountains you can get some exquisite pieces of game and cattle with which to cook, for example, the traditional ox tail stew, the Córdoba chafaina, the Córdoba pot or the lamb rack. But if what drives you crazy are the cold meats, then Córdoba stands out in Iberian pig ham from the Valley of los Pedroches, the loin and the salami from Pozo Blanco and the Black sausage from  Fuente Ovejuna and Hinojosa.

From the Valley of Guadalquivir and the countryside we obtain the basic cereals, fruit and beans for the healthy eating. Also, its’ geographical situation allows it to always have fresh fish in the stands of its markets.

Delicious Desserts

As for desserts, Córdoba has no need to be jealous of the rest of the provinces. In its desserts you can also notice the great Arab influence. Standing out, among others, the Pastel Cordobés, a dessert with a puff pastry base and pumpkin, to which some add ham.

The quince jelly from Puente Genil, elaborate with a similar fruit to the apple is another one of the typical desserts. the Roscos of Priego, the Merengues of Aguilar (a base of egg white whipped until stiff), the Pestiños, the Alfajores, made with honey and almonds, the Polvorones or the Butter Perrunas, are good exponents of what the tourists can enjoy during their stay in the city, in which one needs to pick up strength in the best way possible to visit its fantastic places.